Dear students!

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics!

In the pages of our web-site, especially at the International cooperation, you can find all information about admission at ENGECON, list of diciplines, cost of the study, accomodation and rules of residence and training, and, of course, news of the University life.

International office

About International office:

  • Promotes the raise of the international image of ENGECON;
  • Manages international students enrolment, admission and their further integration;
  • Coordinates and develops the large network of international agreements (more than 100 partner Universities);
  • Implements joint international projects;
  • Participate in international programs and projects (Tempus, TASIS, FIRST);
  • Informs students about the possibilities of studying abroad and deals with their sending for the education in the frames of academic mobility program;
  • Carrying out registration and visa support of the foreign students;
  • Conduct the personal affairs of the foreign students;
  • Realize reception and coordination of visits of foreign delegations;
  • Participate in organization of conferences and symposiums and other events that contribute to the international reputation of the University;
  • Maintains high-level relationships in international matters with and for the Government such as the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies and the consulates.

Here are the important telephones:

International office

31 Marata street, St.-Petersburg, Russia 
Telefon: (812) 712-06-04

Admission board

27 Marata street, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Telefon: (812) 718-50-21